good luck charlie challenge: seventh episode // butt dialing duncans

“I’m a happy happy happy horse, a happy happy happy horse.”

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@bridgitmendler: Got cut on a shelf at bed bath and beyond… #hardcoreshopping


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good luck charlie challenge: sixth episode // charlie did it!

“You’re a strange little dude.”

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good luck charlie challenge: fifth episode // dance off

“What happened? Emmett stole my date!”

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good luck charlie challenge: fourth episode // double whammy

Whammy’s not old, Whammy had four kids!

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"I feel powerful when I know I’m doing something meaningful in someone’s life."

good luck charlie challenge: third episode // the curious case of mr. dabney

C’mon! Mrs. Dabney may be a mean, vicious, cruel, horrible, nasty, old witch, but she’d never do something like that.

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